Writing a Keynote Speech

Updated: Jul 16

A keynote speech is amongst the most difficult tasks for any writer whether professional or otherwise. It has to be written by following a structure, otherwise random words will not be able to give proper meaning to your speech. Moreover the audience needs to be engaged by choosing words that they can relate to.

The following point needs to be considered while creating a keynote speech;

1. Research the subject on which the speech is to be written in detail before drafting it. While the audience will not be expecting the speaker to cover all the aspects related to a topic, however they do expect a grip on the subject matter. Select up to five points and jot them down on notepad

2. Develop an outline of the speech structure. Determine what is to be said and how it will be delivered as part of the outline. Giving structure to the speech helps the keynote speaker to deliver and also helps the audience to follow it

3. Initiate the speech with a strong opening statement, followed by anecdote to provide a glimpse of the main theme and purpose of the speech. Develop linkage with the audience by providing them how the issue to be discussed relates to them. Also briefly present your profile to the audience to explain what makes you an authority on the subject

4. Present the points of strength first to get the audience involved. Ensure to provide examples, quotes and statistics to give more strength to the points presented.

5. Take the speech towards conclusion with a clear life time example. The conclusion provides the last opportunity to impress upon the audience and convince them with speaker’s viewpoint.

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