Trade shows & Development of Media Association

One of the best platforms to interact with your target clientele including prospective customers, guarantors & financiers and mass media is a trade show. The trade shows provide a stage for meeting journalists personally. It can be utilized to establish enduring association with media as meeting face to face facilitates development of relationships.

The following steps can enable the development of long-lasting professional association with media through trade shows.

1. Develop task sheet.

The organization involved should know what media is looking for. Develop a comprehensive yet brief marketing material for media, explaining to them what your business is about, what your business has to offer and what is its mission.

2. Number of invitations.

Media has to cover a lot of events. In addition the media representatives have to attend to a number of tasks and to meet deadlines. Therefore it is probable that not every media house invited will be able to cover your event and send its representative. Thus it always makes sense to invite greater number of journalists to the event so as to increase the chances of them attending your event and provide you with a greater chance of meeting the journalist personally.

3. Enhanced Publicity

Undertake enhanced publicity of your business at trade shows. Try and make the media take interest in your organization and give extra coverage. This can be done through giving media a more interactive coverage including giving them exclusive interview opportunity or brief details of a planned initiative.

4. Linkage through Social Media.

A novel idea to share business news and interact with media is interacting through social media. This will help you keep up to date with the professional interests of the journalists and know about the areas they are focused on. Moreover it will also let you know about the events and deadlines they are involved with. It will facilitate you to provide content for publications on time.

5. Disclosure Norms

Media representatives put their trust when they confirm to participate in trade shows as guests. It is therefore necessary not to undermine their trust by ensuring not to share these details to a third party. Invitations to events, follow ups and occasional messages are the impeccable ways to develop professional relationship with journalists

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