Public Speaking and Brand Promotion

A brand comprises of certain features that distinguishes it from other businesses. A business needs to have an effective brand management strategy which can provide the organization the way ahead and also help build customer association. One of the most important aspects of brand management strategy is public speaking. This component helps you in the following ways:

Direct Interaction with Target Audience: The target audience of your business can give you complete attention and can positively respond to your ideas and new initiatives through direct interaction. The best way to do that is through public speaking.

Spreading your message. Nowadays it’s easy for consumers, journalists and industry stakeholders to miss your focused messages. People can choose exactly what they want to see and hear and as such it’s more difficult than ever to capture their attention. The more communication platforms you use, like appearances in the news, public speaking, a strong social media presence, the better are your chances that the target audiences will hear your messages. Moreover research proves that most people process visuals involving communicating with them directly (like seeing you standing at a podium) faster than indirect messaging (like advertisements).

Brand in the limelight: Marketing surveys show that usually around 20 stimuli influencers are enough to compel a customer to make the buying decision. Organizational leads speaking at events about the organization and narrating stories of success and initiatives can keep you in the limelight and help get the attention of your customers. It influences the customers to choose your product or service when they need to make a decision.

Extensive Outreach: A single talk or a speech can be communicated to target audience in a variety of ways. A completed video of the speech may be posted on the website, or small pieces of video can be posted on various social media platforms. Moreover the speeches can be shared on you tube too after necessary publicity and customers responses received.

Demonstrate Leadership: Undertaking public speeches to highlight organizational expertise and strategic ideas for industry can help build the image perception of being the industry leader. It can also help you earn respect and value as being the leader having the knowledgebase to share ideas for the development of industry as a whole rather than that of the organization only.

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