Public Relation Services – In-house & Outsourcing Options

Public Relation (PR) is an essential component for an organizations success. However one always faces a dilemma in whether to establish a PR department within the organization or to outsource PR services to another firm.

Advantages of in-house PR

Aligned with industry and organization: The major benefit of having an established PR department within one’s own organization is that the department will be well versed in the dynamics of the industry and would have developed knowledge base and experience through working within the organizational staff.

Single client focus: The in-house PR team will only have to deal with one client i-e own organization and thus will be fully available at your disposal to provide you everything you need and whenever needed.

Advantages of Outsourcing PR services

  • Wide ranging experience. The outsourced firm will most probably have experience of working with a wide range of clients and circumstances. Thus they will not only be able to provide you a wide range of solutions but will also be able to attend to odd & crisis situations more effectively.

  • Impartial View. An outsourced PR firm will have a more impartial view about the organization’s products and services and will therefore be able to contribute in a more unbiased manner and provide more objective advice.

  • Crisis Approach. The organization when faced with a crisis situation will have to deal with it in a pertinent manner. An in-house PR department will be affected with the crisis too and will most probably deal with it in an emotional manner. An outsourced PR firm though is prepared to deal with the emergency situations and has a backup plan to implement within short span of time.

Additional Points to Contemplate:

  • Inadequate HR. Organizations usually have limited staff in their PR departments. Moreover they are often involved in a wide range of activities with different organizational departments and feel stretched.

  • Dynamism. PR firms have to evolve continuously to identify, develop and employ new innovative methods of providing services so as to provide their clients the best and are typically on the cutting edge of new trends to ensure their clients receive the best service.

  • Evaluation. Evaluating services is an important step for any PR firm involved in convincing a client regarding his return on investment. In case of organization PR departments, the measuring of services in terms of providing value is not a priority and is often discouraged.

Hiring a PR firm

PR firms usually have established association with journalists and media houses and provide you with linkages, connections and interactive platforms which otherwise will be difficult to manage on your own. The organizational PR departments usually bombard the media with items of a similar nature which discourages the media. The only way to establish effective PR relations with media is therefore to hire a PR firm. Moreover, the objective advice of outside firm facilitates the organization and its PR department to develop knowledgeable and unbiased judgments related to business and communications. The PR firms have experienced a wide range of situations. If one faces an issue related to communications, a product or service launching and looks for more media coverage, an established PR firm can provide the solution. If the organization find itself in crisis it will most probably therefore look for an outside firm experienced in crisis communication services.

An organization though ideally should both have a PR department and services outsourced to a PR firm too. Whereas specific campaigns can be handled by outside firm, the in-house PR department can provide you with a continuous PR support with greater understanding of your organization and industry.

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