Press Release & Its Ingredients

Press releases have been since long been utilized as the prime channel for public relations. It is a tool used by majority of public relation experts when preparing an effective strategy. However the feedback received in this regard is not always positive. The reason being that while Public relation business has evolved drastically; the press releases have not been able to keep the pace.

There are three main ingredients for a catchy effective press release.

1. Topic Selection

Mere efforts in generating press releases don’t ensure the positive results to be achieved from it. There are three main aspects to be considered before one decides to issue a press release.

· The target audience and the relevant format to be used

· The channel to be used to reach the desired audience

· Measurement of success achieved.

The success or the objectives to be achieved from press release needs to be clearly defined so that one can chose the best mode and format accordingly.

2. Stand out and be different.

Placing a newswire is the perfect way to pitch, once it is decided that a short text form format is to be used. However it must be followed up by the watch out on the number of media channels publishing the newswire. Data analysis will measure the success. Packaging the press release as a multimedia content with quality images, videos and industry quotes content would make one distinct from others. Cohesive efforts among team members of the organization placing the press release are also important. Content managers can utilize the information provided in the press release to develop a blog. Auxiliary content can provide incremental coverage and can be utilized by non-targeted audience indirectly.

3. Perfect your pitch.

Writing and placing personalize pitches are able to get the attention of most of the journalists who are more interested in public concern stories on social media and catchy subject lines rather than typical press releases. However creating personalized pitches require greater efforts.

The art of creating stories can be learnt over time by following up reviews on author pages and reading contents created by particular journalists. Identifying their interests and then pitching accordingly will generate their interest in following up on our press release. Strategic objectives need to be kept in mind before drafting a press release. Moreover vital information and sources need to be presented as part of personalizing the pitches. A quality press release has to be appealing rather than being too complex.

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