Development of a Communication Plan

An organization needs to communicate information regarding a new service or a product launched to its stakeholders. However one needs to develop a proper road map on how to communicate this information to its audience through designing a communication plan. It’s an essential tool for ensuring your organization sends a pure focused message with quantifiable results.

The following steps can be followed to develop an effective communication plan:

A. Situation Analysis

Evaluation undertaken to determine what is the current scope of communications. All the relevant information needs to be gathered and analyzed. Evaluation process must include the following ingredients.

  • Discussions with communication department.

  • Assessments and discussions with focal groups.

  • Brainstorming with other departments in your organization.

B. Outline Goals

The situation analysis must be followed by the process of outlining your goals. The outcomes to be achieved and the results to be derived from the communication plan must be defined. The goals determined need to be precise, quantifiable, convincing and attainable within the time duration available.

C. Target Audience

The business needs to be very clear about their target audience to whom they want to deliver their content to. These need to be classified and listed. All the stakeholders need to be included in the list.

D. Determining Networks

Disseminate your content through numerous media networks. Plan and select the media networks that can communicate your message most effectively to your desired audience.

E. Assess the outcomes

Assessment of the outcomes is very important to gauge the extent to which the desired results were achieved. Evaluating the results can benefit the organization in terms of revising the plans to achieve improved results next time. The following documents may represent the evaluation conducted

· Term Reports

· Periodic Progress Reports

· Departmental assessments and reports

F. Define a Timeline

The communication plan must have goals and one can achieve those through setting up time bound plans. A time sheet based plan needs to be drawn for the purpose.

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